Support for WIN Continues to Grow Across Our Community

 Businesses and organizations all across King County are taking the WIN Pledge and joining the movement to become a true “City of Inclusion.”  Leading WIN Pioneers are asking us to embrace the legacy of inclusion from the Special Olympics USA Games and join together to create a more welcoming and inclusive society – read more from the Seattle Times here.

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Momentum for WIN Continues to Build!

Businesses and organizations all across King County are taking the WIN Pledge.  Please join them as we continue our work to become a true “City of Inclusion.”  As James Schmidt of Pecado Bueno said, “We’re not here just to take care of ourselves, we’re here to be part of a community.”  Join Us


Pacific Science Center

Thank you to the Pacific Science Center for taking the WIN pledge and embracing inclusion in our community!  As Will Daugherty, President & CEO of the Pacific Science Center said, "We are delighted to participate in WIN, a program consistent with our commitment to enabling access for all."

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Woodland Park Zoo

We thank the Woodland Park Zoo for their amazing leadership in supporting our WIN efforts and leading the charge locally to create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all.  The Zoo team has taken the WIN pledge and is committed to being a model of inclusive practices in King County and beyond!