WIN Startup Guide 

Intro Text


(Series of Sections/Links):  The notes under each ‘link’ are just for me right now for planning purposes)


One-Pager on WIN

Who we are, goals/mission, examples of local partnerships, elements included in “WIN-In-A-Box”


Guidance on Replicating WIN in Your Community

Background on structure for scaling WIN – King County as founding WIN site, broader steering/working committee, home to core WIN assets (full website/central hub, WIN pioneers, etc.), resource for questions, execution, feedback process

License to use WIN logo, process for securing approval for local license  (help from Pam)


How To Set-Up a Local GroopIt Site  (Tammy & do we add simple website?)

How to set-up local GroopIt site to build community membership, activism, and local map


How To Secure WIN Pledges

  • Pledge process for businesses (New guidance?, Process, Tips & Tricks)

  • Documents 

  • Need a new ‘how-to’ document

  • Nomination Letter (UPDATE)

  • Cover Letter to Pledged Businesses (attached)

  • Pledge Flier (UPDATE)

  • Sticker process (Need Process for Self-Ordering or Guidance)


WIN | Online Training

Add Initial Training Asset (PPT, Audio Recording, Script, documents w/ guidance & links)