Who We Are

WIN is composed of leading educators, researchers, service providers, self-advocates, and families. It’s inspired by stories from families impacted by autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other differences. 

These often very painful stories—people feeling unneeded and undervalued in their local communities, businesses, and schools—lead to isolation, diminished educational and health outcomes, and a society unaware and unprepared to work positively and productively with all people. 

Yet, there are also positive examples of inclusion—where individuals and businesses know that people with differences have important contributions to make. They encourage participation, give support, and create opportunities for those with differences to share their talents and explore their interests through meaningful work, civic life, and recreation.

WIN will position Washington state as a model for community inclusion, laying the foundation for partners large and small to adopt and formalize welcoming practices. WIN has signed a fiscal sponsorship with The Arc of King County, planned in tandem with the Special Olympics USA Games in the summer of 2018.