WIN at the Movies!

Self-advocates from around Seattle came together on Saturday (August 26) to host an informal, community building information night for the Welcome Inclusion (WIN) Initiative at the Seattle Science Center. The self-advocates took advantage of one of the Seattle Center’s summer ‘Movies at the Mural’ outdoor movie specials to make the night one to remember. The movie of the night was Rogue One complete with thematic games and treats and even cosplayers dressed as Storm Troopers, rebels, Princess Leia, and more.

WIN event.jpg

The event’s purpose was to continue spreading the message of WIN - to promote a world of inclusion for all and facilitate rapid community change - and do so in a exciting, family-friendly way. It’s safe to say WIN’s ‘Movies at the Mural’ delivered and everyone in attendance walked away with a smile on their face and, just maybe, a little more awareness and compassion in their hearts.